Acne Medication – How To Cure Your Acne In No Time Flat

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April 27, 2018
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January 3, 2019

Acne Medication – How To Cure Your Acne In No Time Flat

You can find literally hundreds of acne medication on market nowadays. Before you can effectively use any medication to get rid of acne first you need to know the cause.

1. Different Causes Of Acne

There are various factors that can cause acne for example: diet, stress, allergic reaction, hormone pills and pregnancy. It is important you know the cause of your acne first before attempting to use any medication. Most people fail to cure their acne simply because they use wrong medication to heal wrong acne type.

2. Medical Solution Or Natural Solution?

Acne medication can be classified into two categories: medical acne medication and natural acne medication. Medical acne remedies usually used to provide short-term relief but you should not use it as long-term solution since medical remedies can give unwanted side effects later on. Also, there are many cases where the acne comes to existence again once people stop using the medication. Therefore, medical solution is not effective to be used as long-term solution for acne.

At the other side of the coin, you will find natural acne solution. Although natural treatment might not give fast relief unlike medical treatment but you will get long-term solution without accompanied by any unwanted side effect.

3. Several Examples Of Natural Treatment

Here are several examples of natural treatment that you can use as effective acne medication: garlic, avocado, white egg, cucumber juice, and toothpaste. As you can see the cost of natural treatment is considerably cheap unlike medical treatment that can break your bank account. You can buy any of those natural ingredients for a price one can of soda.

You just need to apply the blend of one of those natural ingredients to your acne spot several times a day. After one or two weeks you will likely start notice the result. However, you should be aware that one of those natural ingredients may potentially cause allergic reaction to your skin such as garlic. So always check to your doctor for any unwanted issue before you start applying natural treatment.

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