Acne No More

Acne No More Review

When getting Mike Walden’s book “Acne No More,” I really had high hopes for the quality of the material. I was surprise right from the introduction. Mike clearly understands how the human mind works. He provides simple exercises in the beginning that will help you stay motivated to finish the program. The program will truly show you how to clear your acne.

The chapter on what causes acne is a bit lacking. He does correctly state what causes acne, but provides little proof or evidence. So this is not a good book if you want to know what causes acne. I assume you would be reading this book to see how to cure acne, and you wont be disappointed.

The system combines a detox based diet with juice fasting, in a way the will take the best benefits from each. The program will take some time and discipline to work through.

There is also an excellent chapter on stress control techniques. This chapter explains the relationship of your mental health and stress to your acne problem. While there are entire books written on reducing stress, the content in this book is enough to help you control your stress and get rid of acne.

This book is well written and it is obvious the author knows really knows this subject. This will save you many years of trial and error and possibly many thousands of dollars.